Digital and Communication Specialist

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Digital & Communication Specialist

Responsibility Level/Grade: Specialist
Department/Project/PN: USAID Adolescent Reproductive Health
Workstation: Karnali and Madhesh
Incumbent’s Name: TBD
Supervisor/Principal Evaluator: Province Coordinator-USAID ARH
Technical Manager: Digital Marketing & Communication Manager –
USAID Adolescent Reproductive Health
Co-Evaluator: Deputy Chief of Party (DCoP)

USAID Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) is an adolescent co-led initiative to empower girls and boys, 10-19 years and including the most marginalized, to attain their adolescent reproductive health (ARH) rights. The goal of the program is to support adolescents to reach their full potential by; ensuring they receive correct and appropriate reproductive health (RH) information and guidance to decision-making skills, creating an environment conducive to making healthy reproductive health decisions, and facilitating translation of these decisions into healthy behaviors. It also aims to empower adolescents to realize their full potential by adopting and practicing healthy Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) behaviors. The USAID ARH has already initiated the design, development, and launch of the digital interventions with its partner agencies. The team is leveraging digital technology to generate social impact in line with the program’s objectives.

  • A web portal aiming to connect adolescent girls with quality-assured, adolescent-friendly services, counseling, pharmacies, and online and offline shops.
  • An interactive digital game that aims to provide a virtual world for adolescent girls to explore and practice real-life situations and make better decisions. It will also provide correct and appropriate SRH information and guidance to facilitate healthy behavior.
  • A virtual influencer, hosted on social media platforms, will promote the project’s objectives, website portal, and the girl game.

USAID ARH seeks to engage two qualified Digital and Communication Specialists for Lumbini / Karnali provinces and Madhesh Province, to represent and work in the respective provinces to promote digital products at province level and to contribute to the teamwork of the province team in communication and other functions as and when required. The primary role of this position is to support and enhance the institutional capacity of the province teams, district based technical officers and partners (Local Non-Government Organizations – LNGOs) in digital innovative works by providing support through training, on-site coaching, mentoring, and technical assistance. It also involves managing relationships with various stakeholders at the province and district levels in terms of digital products and communication. The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring that the partners and LNGOs implement the digital activities aligning with the overall strategic direction of USAID ARH and the Government of Nepal, Province Government, and Local Level guidelines. Additionally, the role entails overseeing digital interventions for increasing service utilization and maintaining partnerships with collaborators and stakeholders.

The incumbent works as a digital interventions focal point at the province level working closely with USAID ARH’s thematic (relevant) coordinators/managers, PCs, and Digital team based at CO and Technical Specialists/Officers based in the Province/District Offices. The incumbent supports coordinating at province ministries and stakeholders as well as local level authorities and partners for planning and implementation of digital interventions with linkage of cross-cutting themes/components focusing on FP/ARH. Facilitation of various technical workshops, review, and
planning meetings organized at province and district levels are other key areas of responsibilities.

Below are the specified responsibilities of Digital & Communication Specialist (DCS):

R1. Coordination, Partnership Linkages, Technical Support & Implementation: (30%)

  • Play a crucial role at province level in coordinating the implementation of SBC and Digital
    activities including “Digit on Wheel” (DoW) initiatives and ensure their effective execution in coordination with province team and Local NGOs.
  • Assessing, mapping, and scheduling DoW events, conducting outreach activities, and overseeing the mobile team’s activities.
  • Adapt schedules in collaboration with consortium partners, province teams, and NGO Partners, cultivating relationships with municipalities and government entities.
  • Closely works and supports the local NGOs to reach out to inaccessible parts of the target area identified through assessment and mapping.
  • Identify appropriate locations for launching various events ensuring both safety and functionality and cultivating relationships with partners.
  • Ensure integration of partner activities with DoW, maintaining clear and consistent
    communication internally and externally, and occasionally providing support in co-design and prototyping.
  • Work with the DoW team to plan DoW events in assigned provinces & municipalities and keep all relevant parties informed about the innovations.
  • Represent USAID ARH’s digital team at the province level, attend meetings, and deliver presentations on digital interventions.
  • Liaise for digital innovation and partnership synchronization.

R2. Capacity development of partners and communities (35%)

  • Assess the capacity needs on digital interventions of the partners and its staff, develop orientation and mentorship packages, and organize onsite coaching in coordination with technical specialists.
  • Prepare a capacity development plan for the partners linking with the SBCC strategy of the project and institutional strengthening and organization development.
  • Review various digital and communication policies and strategies and provide the necessary support for their formulation/reform as required.
  • Train local partners’ board members and staff on SBC strategy and Digital innovations.
  • Provide technical assistance to the province team to review digital documents and to ensure strong linkage with government SBC programs.
  • Connect digital interventions and DoW to community-level ARH activities.

R3. Research, Monitoring, Documentation, Dissemination, and Reporting: (15%)

  • Prepare reports and process documents about partnership and capacity development, on progress and changes noticed after digital interventions, and communicate the information and learning in appropriate forums.
  • Prepare monthly updates and periodic status reports.
  • Develop process descriptions, best practices, and learning materials.
  • Ensure quality preparation of digital and periodic reports and success stories after engagement in digital games on ARH activities, progress, and changes observed and share key findings, and learning in relevant forums.
  • Assist in co-designing research, survey and organizing workshops as needed and prototyping as required.
  • Oversee and report on relevant activities while maintaining the database and information in the existing system (MIS).
  • Compile and submit regular reports on field activities to the Digital team and PC.

R4. Networking, Liaison, and Communication (internal and external): (10%)

  • Support province coordinator in coordination and communication with the province-level authorities and engage in the planning and implementation of digital SBC activities.
  • Facilitate to strengthen communication with the concerned sectors, stakeholders, province, and district on the status of implementation of the planned digital activities.
  • Strengthen networking among government sectors, non-government / private stakeholders, and communities and develop knowledge products.
  • Represent DOW in province-level forums or meetings, promoting initiative and its objectives.
  • Ensure clear, accurate, and timely communication with stakeholders, partners, and participants.
  • Foster and sustain relationships with local/province partners for ongoing support and collaboration.

R5. Upholding the Organization’s Core values, ensuring its principles, and safeguarding along with the key pathways of USAID ARH: (10%)

  • Link and demonstrate CARE Nepal’s core values, programming principles, SBC strategy, gender equity, and equality in programming and behaviors.
  • Comply and exercise organizational values & culture and help to promote rights and governance.
  • Ensure gender-responsive behavior in all actions and decisions related to digital and communication activities.
  • Support to conduct safeguarding risk assessments and include information on safeguarding risks, legal context, and patterns of harm and abuse.
  • Use tools and resources to support the design and delivery of safe programming while
    implementing digital and SBC activities.



The position will be based in the province offices, Madhesh Province, Janakpurdham, and Karnali / Lumbini Province Office in Surkhet.
Regular field visits (50%) to the project sites/partners of the project area.


  • Master’s degree in mass/communication, or related field with 5 years of associated work experience in public health, FP/RH, adolescent health for behavior changes through communication and digital interventions or Master Degree in Public Health with 7 years of experiences in behavior change communication and digital intervention in adolescents.
  • Should have experience in community-based outreach activities, exhibit excellent communication skills, including writing, presenting, and report writing, preferably grasp local dynamics, and be proficient in using digital tools (photography, videography, graphic design, editing skills)
  • Experience in intervention management and capacity building on family planning, and reproductive health (FP/RH), adolescent and youth programming, behavior change communication, etc.
  • Prior working experience in International Organization, UN or development organization in the area of adolescent health & development in communication and social behavior change (SBC).
  • Familiar with the government health, education, and social development system, NGO management, and partnership


  • Excellent capacity/ability in collaboration, communication, relationship-building, teambuilding, coaching, and delegating skills.
  • Understanding FP/RH issues at the global, country level, province, and local level.
  • Planning, decision-making, budgeting, and organizational skills independently.
  • Conflict resolution, liaison, negotiation, training, and facilitation skills
  • Sensitivity and responsiveness to Gender, and diversity issues
  • Language proficiency in English and Nepali (written, spoken, typing, editing, etc.) and familiarity with local language and socio-cultural practices.
  • Strong interpersonal communication, and report writing, skilled in multitasking and managing complex logistics.
  • Basic computer skills; MS word, Excel, PowerPoint and other required software
  • Strong understanding of relationships with government officials and key stakeholders
  • Proven experience in outreach communication and coordination, ideally in community- based projects.
  • Knowledge of local cultural, social, and logistical aspects.
  • Proficient in digital tools for planning, communication, and reporting.
  • Having a valid two-wheeler driving license

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