Finance, Operation and Monitoring Specialist

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Functional Title: Finance, Operation and Monitoring Specialist

Responsibility Level: Province Level Staff
Department / Project / PN: Finance and Administration
Workstation: Surkhet Office
Incumbent’s Name: VACANT
Supervisor/ Principal Evaluator: Finance and Administration Manager

USAID Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) is a youth co-led initiative to empower girls and boys, 10-19 years, including the most marginalized, to attain their reproductive health and rights. The goal of the program is to support adolescents to reach their full potential by ensuring they receive correct and appropriate reproductive health (RH) information, guidance, and decision- making skills, creating an environment conducive to making healthy reproductive health decisions and facilitating translation of these decisions into healthy behaviors.

Finance, Operation and Monitoring Specialist under direct supervision of Finance and Administration Manager is responsible for leading day-to-day financial operations, spending, and sub-grants management across the province. The incumbent is responsible to prepare the annual plan for the monitoring of sub grantees under his/her portfolio and get this implemented in close coordination with the supervisor and grant & sub grant specialist. The incumbent will support the capacity building of the partners’ staff and ensure/certify that the expenditures incurred and charged to the project are in line with the approved budget. Rigorous follow up has to be done to ensure that the areas of improvement/gap identified during monitoring visit have been timely addressed by the management of sub grantee. The incumbent is responsible for supporting partner staff on preparation of budget at the time of sub grant agreement process/modification. In addition to that the position will make sure that all liquidations of the sub grantees under the portfolio are entered into the system before the closing deadline and make sure that funds are transferred to the partner on timely manner to smoothen the program implementation. The incumbent is responsible for supervising other finance officer positions. Accounts Payable will be responsible for supporting the financial operations in the Country office/field office. The incumbent ensures the compliance with donor and CARE’s rules and regulations and other relevance policies and procedures.

This position will ensure that all the expenses of the field office are booked into the system in a timely manner before closing deadlines and keep a close eye on the grants closing out to make sure that no expenses are left to be booked.

This position is also responsible for administration and property management of Lumbini and Karnali Province Office to provide efficient support to project with respect to procurement of office and project materials at field level, vehicle/transport management, and logistical support for air and surface travel, hotel arrangement for workshop seminar.

The employee shall fully comply with the safety and security procedure of CARE and should be accountable for it.

R1. Ensure accomplishment of financial management in a timely manner as per CARE’s and donor policies at sub/province office

  • Ensure timely payment relating to all program expenditures, purchases, prepayments, travel advance and program advances. Ensure that the expenses are budgeted, supported, booked timely, allowable and value for money is considered.
  • Ensure vouchers are created with correct codes. If any error is identified, immediately seek support of CO finance to resolve it.
  • Review and check all the financial documents, bills, agreement, and other supporting documents before making administrative and program expenses statements, payments to the staff and other third parties.
  • Ensure that all the CARE’s policies and procedures are strictly followed while making payment to the staff, vendors, and other third parties.
  • Follow the Year end closing guidelines by coordinating with the procurement, admin, and program team. Ensure that all the expenses incurred in a particular fiscal year are booked within the same Fiscal Year. Provide support to ensure that the monthly closings are done timely, ensure that expenses are booked within the agreement period and no any expense is missed to book.
  • Monthly tracking of advances and ensure that advances are settled timely.
  • Ensure the compliance with the donor’s rules, tax regulation and accounting principles.
  • Ensure that all the entries related to sub grantee’s monthly/quarterly liquidation within the portfolio are timely entered into the system considering the closing deadline.
  • Ensure that all the information mentioned in the financial report are properly reviewed in line with the programmatic achievements in consultation of the field program staff/budget holder.
  • Plan for the fund to be disbursed to the local partner and make request to CO accordingly.
  • Make entries related to fund request/disbursement to the partner after proper scrutiny of the planned activities so that significant amount will not be kept for longer period in partner’s account.
  • Perform age analysis of the partner advance within the portfolio and do necessary follow up to collect the money if exceeds the limit.
  • Ensure that VAT invoices collected are properly named as per guideline and submitted to CO on timely manner.
  • Prepare the cash flow forecast by coordinating with procurement and program and submit to CO on timely manner.

R2. Internal control and process related

  • Make and update the cost sharing table among different projects, make sure that all costs of field offices are shared among all the available projects on fair and consistent manner.
  • Prepare the donor report and submit timely to central office
  • Ensure vouchers and all finance related documents are kept safely and traceably, this position will be the custodian of all the finance related documents including vouchers.
  • Support CO team on various audit related requests.
  • Facilitate auditors and evaluators visiting the field office and make sure that appropriate documents are provided in a timely manner if needed.
  • Support program and program support team at field office on financial matters
  • Act as finance representative in field office for all finance related matters like: being member of procurement committee and etc.
  • Conduct meeting with budget holders on financial progress of the projects implemented in that field office.
  • Represent finance in all meetings at field office and coach program and non-program staff on various finance related matters.
  • Communicate with the CO AP team to run pay cycle.

R3. General Administration and Property Management

  • Manage and oversee the overall administration and property management of the Lumbini and Karnali Province ARH Office for day-to-day smooth operation of the offices.
  • Support and provide guidance on logistic management of Lumbini and Karnali province ARH office.
  • Prepare procurement plan in co-ordination with province team as well as central team.
  • Coordinate with central team to ensure the annual budget for utility, furniture, fixtures and equipment, stationery etc. are prepared and monitor their expenditure in line with budget.
  • Verify adherence to property management policies and procedures.
  • Verify adherence to donor property regulations and local laws.
  • Establish and maintain practices for timely maintenance of equipment to include preventive maintenance and corrective repair to ensure that equipment is kept in good working condition.
  • Ensure that CARE’s property is adequately insured.
  • Monitor and ensure fleet operation in compliance with GoN rules and regulations and ensure effective transport system is in place.
  • Ensure that property reports are prepared and shared with the CO in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that the database of USAID ARH Lumbini and Karnali Province staff is prepared and shared with the CO in a timely manner.

R4. Enhance the financial management efficiency of Local Partner’s Organization

  • Ensure full implementation of the financial management section of the sub grant agreement at all levels of the partner organization.
  • Conduct training for staff as well as partners organization on the many aspects of financial management including budgeting, advance management, documents required for payments, auditing, and cash management.
  • Make payment related to all program expenditures e.g. purchases, prepayments, travel advance and program advances in timely manner.
  • Review and check all the financial documents, bills, agreement and other supporting document before making administrative and program expenses statements, payments to the staff and other third parties.
  • Timely disbursement of payment to the staffs, vendors & partners.
  • Ensure compliance with donor’s rules and regulations as well as the audit requirements.
  • Implement strict internal control system in coordination with the CO.
  • Perform site visit of partner’s organization for further guiding and coaching in the area of financial management efficiency.
  • Conduct periodic financial review of partner organizations as per the approved plan and submit the finding and observations report timely to supervisor.
  • Train partner and partner staff on fraud awareness and prevention.
  • Prepare the action plan in coordination with partner’s senior management and ensure that the partners implement the recommendation.
  • Ensure that the partners submit the report in a timely manner in the prescribed format of CARE.
  • Ensures adequate communication on donor policies and procedures to all relevant staff of partners.
  • Assist Province Co-Ordinator, Supervisor / Partner’s staff in the preparation of annual budgets and revision for new sub agreement/revision.
  • Maintain the partner’s database and share this report regularly with the Head office.
  • Maintain separate file for each sub grantee and keep all the documents as required by the Sub grant Management policy.
  • Flag critical issues of partner to the supervisor/ Province Co-Ordinator for Senior Management attention.

R5. Coordinate and maintain liaison with partners, FO-AP, Budget Holders, Program and Program Support Team

  • Build good working relationship with partner ‘s management and staffs,
  • Develop good working relationship with FO-AP under the theme and geography.
  • Work closely with Partnership, Sub Grant and Accountability team in CO.
  • Maintain working relationship with program and program support team.
  • Attend thematic meetings
  • Work closely with other thematic finance officers

R6. Staff Management

  • Facilitate APAA of direct reports.
  • Support staff development and capacity building.
  • Keep them abreast on current situation and reorient them on new guideline whenever changes occur.
  • Develop accurate and detailed job descriptions which reflect specific job responsibilities.
  • Motivate, train, coach, supervise and mentor staff from time to time to boost their confidence.

R7. Upholding CARE’s Core values and ensuring its principles

  • Link and demonstrate CARE Nepal’s core values, programming principles, strategic objects, gender equity and equality in programming and behavior
  • Comply and exercise organizational values and culture
  • Help to promote rights and good governance
  • Responsible for gender responsive behavior in all actions and decisions.
  • Abide by CARE’s International Safeguarding policy, and reporting of incidents found during any monitoring visits with partners.
  • Demonstrate positive behaviors following CARE code of conduct and uphold implementation of CARE Safeguarding policy at all levels.
  • Conduct awareness raising on CARE Safeguarding policy, feedback and accountability channels and code of conduct.

Spending Authority: NA
Supervision: Operations and Logistics Officer.

Working conditions:
Based in Surkhet Office with field visit of around 40% of the time.

Preferred Qualification and Experience:
Master’s degree in Accounts, Commerce, Management; or a related field with minimum 3 years of practical experience in financial management, internal control system strengthening, review and analysis, accounting, fund management and disbursement, local partner management.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Required knowledge on budgetary analysis i.e. Budget Vs Actual.
  • Knowledge of development programs.
  • Excellent knowledge of budgeting principles (especially on contract management) and clear understanding of donor’s financial policies, guidelines, rules, regulations, and reporting requirement
  • Expert knowledge on audit, review and verification techniques
  • Report writing skill along with basic formatting skill required to prepare report.
  • Communication skills including strong verbal and written language skills in both English and Nepali.
  • Interpersonal and facilitation skills.
  • Strong coordination, networking and advocacy skills.
  • Computer skills, including knowledge of relevant software e.g. Microsoft office and others


  • Analytical thinking – Able to analyze and draw conclusions on the budget and actual data of project.
  • Initiative – Deals with situations and issues proactively and persistently.
  • Teamwork and People Management – Able to work effectively with other people within a work group
  • Writing – Able to communicate ideas and information in writing to ensure that information and messages are understood and have the desired impact.
  • Communicating and sharing ideas and information – Able to present findings/recommendation and express opinions confidently.
  • Planning and organizing – Able to define work goals and objectives; develop and execute work plans; and contribute to the achievement of work group objectives.